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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                Ill

November i$th9 1796.

Though I know not when this will go, I shall
begin it as a journal de betises. Yesterday several
hundred young men were arrested because they
had plaited curls behind their ears, construed to
be the same as tresses, the signs of party.

Girandot the banker's house was robbed the
night before last of a large sum in specie, the dog
poisoned, &c. The Directory has washed the head
of (Anglice, reprimanded) Cochon, the minister of
police, for his neglect. Chevalier Jerningham's
property is sold, therefore a hopeless case. Poor
Laville is where he was, but instead of being a
fermier-general, he is a retail snuff-seller, a very
poor livelihood.

Le Moine was never even in prison. He is
at Montagne, and his wife at Versailles. I have
written to her. I dined to-day with l'Abb6 Tersan,
who talked me to sleep. Not being accustomed
of late to such rapidity of verbiage I could not
follow him enough to understand him. He escaped
the fury of the terrorists by lying hid up five pairs
of stairs among his books. His section protected
and answered for him.

Vaillant, who has published his "Travels in
Africa/' is (secundum Tersan) an illiterate and
ignorant man, and the book is no more his